The iconic camel, red and black Burberry check was created in the 1920’s and used as a lining in its trench coats. It wasn’t until as late as 1967 that the Burberry Check, now a registered trademark, was widely used on its own for items including umbrellas, scarves and luggage. The products now sold under the trademark include all types of apparel, bags, scarves, cosmetics, perfumes, glasses, watches, and other accessories.

Burberry is keen to advertise its authentic British heritage, however the focus for the company is slowly moving to other markets, where growth opportunities are greater and they are scheduled to open their third store in Japan this summer, in August 2007. The company has branded stores and franchises around the world, and also sells through concessions in third party stores.

Burberry is well known for expanding their range, from clothes to perfume to baby products, they sell it all. Today, Burberry’s trademark products are its fashionable handbags and exclusive fragrances. Their current range of fragrances for men and women are particularly delicious. Their Brit perfumes for women by Burberry fragrances are recommended for daytime wear. Burberry Touch for women is a lemony floral scent with vanilla notes, just so refreshing and pretty.

Burberry is moving away from its traditional check and is no longer mad for its signature plaid, although many a self-confessed fashion aficionado is still addicted to the check. Burberry is a very popular brand in the field of clothing and footwear and it has many long term customers from all over the world.

Burberry is a mecca for the stylish and the sophisticated and is now cracking down on the fake goods that allow what they might consider to be the wrong sort of people to look like they are wearing the brand.

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