Why Burberry Handbags Are So Hot

Although Burberry lines started as outerwear, great patented raincoats and military wear over the years the famous checks dominated the skirts, the perfume boxes and presently the handbags. Robert Menchetti, the Italian designer who took over Burberry in 1999 made great progress in Burberry’s stake at the handbag market. Burberry defined the fashion of British elite from Victoria Beckham to the royalty – Prince William, from David Beckham to Kate Winslet – red carpet or not, Burberry fashion came up and about in the social circle.

o The most popular Burberry bags include the famous brown checks. The ultra-chic handbag that comes in blue is one of the most notable styles. Very common among the fashion conscious ladies the bag sports a very attractive leather trim. Similar leather strips in tan border the shoulder straps as well. The zips run full length and opens up to reveal the interior again lined with the famous stripes. An authentic ultra-chic bag will cost you approximately USD 400.

o Next in line is the famous ‘Burberry Candy Check Cadogan’. In a non-traditional baby pink, this bag was a craze among the young crowd. Approximately eight by eight inch width and length gives the bag enough space to hold your essentials and can be easily carried for work. The shoulder straps and the borders have the traditional leather trims that work excellently with the color. Priced at approximately USD 450, Burberry Cadogans are a must buy if you enjoy fashion in your own color!

o Utilizing the beauty of cotton perfectly Burberry has come up with a handbag to ‘kill’ for’! Step aside for Burberry’s famous Novacheck Tote. Uniquely designed with a lovely cotton canvas, this is Burberry’s statement to those who thought fashion handbags without leather are unheard of. It has the traditional leather strips to accentuate the style and look of the totes. Sized at ten by 14 inches, these roomy handbags match style and usability perfectly to yield a product that is extremely popular among the young. Priced at USD 600, this tote with double pockets will cost you approximately USD 900.

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